Create a new Department

Account Owners and Administrators on Growth Plan accounts have access to create and manage Departments. There is no limit to the number of Departments you can create, and our Department Engine makes it quick and easy to get things rolling!

Head to  Dashboard > Departments and click on the New Department button to get started.

Identify your Department

Give your department a name and a description — this will give the department a unique identity within your team. This name and description will only be seen by you and your team.

Set the Department status

Department status allows you to determine who within your organization will have visibility of your department and its members. A "Public" Department is visible in the department's tab to all team members within your organization. A "Private" Department is only visible to members of the department and team admins. The choice is yours!

Add a thumbnail (optional)

Take customization one step farther by adding a custom thumbnail to your new department. This can be used to further add uniqueness to the departments within your team. This is an optional step and is not required to create and use your new Department. An image approximately 1808px x 640px is recommended.

You're all set! You can change any of these settings any time by going to  Dashboard > Departments and choosing the Department you just created. Changes made in the options tab will update your Department automatically after they've been saved.

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