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Getting started

Tips and tricks to get your Social Card account up and running.

9 articles

Creating business cards

Learn how to use the different workspace tools to create your digital business cards.

1 article


An introduction to the Social Card digital business card platforms

8 articles


All the things you need to know about Social Card Templates

16 articles


Everything to know about creating, updating, and using recipients

8 articles


Everything to know about creating, updating, & managing cards

16 articles

Clusters and batches

Everything to know about creating, managing, & publishing Clusters & Batch Cards.

5 articles

What's new

Check out what we've been working on

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Account management

Managing your account, adding team members, plan details, and more

6 articles

Plans and billing

Find answers to common billing questions

5 articles

Mobile wallet

Create, manage, update, and learn about the Social Card Mobile Wallet platform.

8 articles