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Cards included in each subscription

Each workspace comes with a preset amount of included cards to help with consistent pricing and allow your usage to ebb and flow.

  • Standard: Up to 15 active cards.
  • Business: Up to 50 active cards. With support for additional cards as usage increases.
  • Enterprise: Custom based on your needs.

If you would like more pricing information, you can visit our pricing page.

What is considered an active card

An active card is any card (published or unpublished) within your workspace. These can be individual cards or cards that belong to a batch.

Additional cards

Your subscription will automatically update when you pass your plan-included card threshold to reflect your new pricing tier. If you are a Business Plan customer, you can access additional cards beyond the 50-card point. You don't need to do anything to access these additional cards. You can just add more cards to your workspace.

How additional cards are billed

Additional cards are billed in groups of 25. Below is a simple example of how your bill might change as you increase usage:

  • 0-50 cards: $20/mo or $60/mo, depending on your plan.
  • 51-75 cards: $60/mo + $25/mo = $85/mo
  • 76-100 cards: $60/mo + $50/mo = $110/mo
  • 101-125 cards: $60/mo + $75/mo = $135/mo
  • 126-150 cards: $60/mo + $100/mo = $160/mo
  • 151-175 cards: $60/mo + $125/mo = $185/mo
  • ....
  • The process repeats as you scale.
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