Inviting Team Members

It takes a team to run a business, and we are here to help you make the most of your wonderful team.

Teams members with the role Owner or Admin have access to managing your team with the Social Card Platform. Which includes actions like inviting users, resending invitations, revoking invitations, and removing users. In the following guide, we'll quickly walk you through the process of sending invitations to team members.

Head to Dashboard > Admin Settings > Invitations and click on the Invite New Members button to get started.

Add members by email & role

Each new member is required to be invited by email and must be granted a role before any invitations can be sent. If the Send Invites button is disabled, there is likely an error or missing item in one or more of your invitations. 

Add multiple users at once

To add multiple users at a single instance, click the Add Another Member button which will add another form field to your invites. 

Remove user from invitations list

To remove a user from the invitations list click the small X button to the right of the user you'd like to remove from the list.

Billing notice

When invitations are successfully sent, your new users will immediately be added to your subscription and your current invoice will update accordingly. If you have any questions on the specific, please reach out!

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