Social Card Relationships

Social Cards, Templates, Departments, and how they work together for your team.


Departments are groups of your team members typically designated/separated by their departments internally within your organization (sales, support, engineering, etc.). Departments can be as large or small as you'd like and can have unlimited Template relationships. 

Departments are only available to teams on the Social Card Growth Plan.

Web Pages & Departments

The web platform has a unique feature that allows you to include departments members on your web page. Your department members will show up by name, title, and photo with a direct link to their own web page included. This can all be managed from within the department options.


Templates are the starting point for all your Social Cards. Templates contain all the baseline information, branding, and styles your team will use to create their business cards. Templates allow team admins to control how all organization Social Cards are styled, branded, and shared.

Relationship: Departments - Templates

Templates can be assigned to any of your Departments, and Departments can have many Templates assigned.

Social Cards

Social Cards are digital business cards created on the platform. A Social Card can have an assigned Department & Template. If a user has any Department membership(s), they must assign any new Social Cards to a Department. If the selected Department has any Template relationships, they will select a Template from the admin-provided list of Templates. From there, our system will generate their starting Social Card and will walk them through the customization process.

Relationship: Departments - Templates - Social Cards

A Social Card must have an assigned Department if the user is assigned as a member of any team Departments (If the user has no assignments, our system will try to use your team's default Template). Once a Social Card has a Department relationship, the user must select a Department-assigned Template (If the Department has no assigned Templates, the user will not be able to proceed with Social Card creation). A Social Card can have only one assigned Department and one assigned Template. If a Social Card's Template is removed, the Social Card will immediately be blocked from editing. All features will function, but the user will no longer be able to make changes to their Social Card.

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