How to add content to my Mobile Wallet QR Code?

In the below steps, we'll guide you through the process of customizing the destination that your Social Card wallet QR code will go to.

Open your Social Card.

Navigate to Home > Social Cards > Select your Social Card > Click the "Open in editor" on the mobile wallet platform.

Mobile Wallet Open Editor From Hub

The above will open your Social Card in the editor, where we will now make changes to your QR code.

Start editing your QR code.

In the "Jump To" menu in the middle of the screen, click the "QR Code" button.

Mobile Wallet Jump To Menu

This will open your customization panel on the right side of the screen, which we'll use to customize your QR code.

Edit your QR Code Content.

On the panel right side of your screen, click the "Change" button under the select content type.

Change QR Code Content Type

When you click the "Change" button, all the available content types appear in the same menu. You can select the desired content type that you want your QR code to redirect viewers.

Mobile Wallet Content Types

Select your desired content type from the list of available types and add your content (Ex. Website URL, contact information, social accounts, etc.)

Contact information form

If you are still struggling with customizing your QR code, please reach out, and a member of our team is more than happy to help!

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