How to toggle template design controls

As an admin, you can control your team's access to design customization when creating their Social Cards. From within the Social Card Template Editor, you can specify unique design control across each item of your templates, from background colors to buttons.

To toggle these controls, start by navigating to the template you wish to modify the design controls of.

In the following steps, I'll walk you through an example of customizing the design controls of the web platform Call To Action Button, but you can apply these steps to any item within your templates.

  • From your template home base, click the Open the editor button.
  • Then from the Quick Jump menu, select the web Appearance button as seen in the image below.

web appearance quick jump

  • You will see the appearance controls panel on the right side of your screen. Select the Call To Action button to access the call to action design controls.

web appearance panel

  • There is a check box (as seen in the image below) that allows you to toggle controls for this item. When selected, users will be able to customize the design features of this item.

allow call to action styling

You can follow this process for each item and platform in your Social Card template. If you are still confused or have further questions, please reach out, and a member of our team will be happy to help.

A note for admins!

Note that changes to your template design controls will not take effect until the template is published. Once the template change is published, all future and active Social Cards using the template will see the change.

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