Modify team member account permissions

There are three different roles users can have within your Social Card account as follows:

  • Owners: Typically, the individual who created the account and the user who manages billing.
  • Admins: Have access to most of the account features so they can collaborate and assist the owner.
  • Users: They have the least access to the account and can only create and manage their own Social Card.

Changing a team member's role

To change a team member's role, you must have a more significant role than the individual account you are modifying and must be at least an admin.

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Workspace Settings
  2. Click the Team Tab
  3. Select the active user you'd like to modify
  4. You'll see a Change Role dropdown in the second section.
  5. From the dropdown, select the user's new role
  6. Select Save Role Change
  7. In the modal, confirm the role change.
  8. Notify your team member, and have them refresh their page.

If you need to change workspace Ownership, please contact our support team for verification and assistance.

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