CSV file upload requirements

This guide requires access to the Social Card Bulk tooling available to teams on our business or enterprise plans. You can upgrade your subscription at any time to unlock access to bulk digital business card creation.

This guide will discuss the requirements when creating/uploading a CSV file to the Social Card Clusters tool or recipient upload. As well as some helpful tips to get started.

CSV requirements to take into consideration

Your file must:

  • be in CSV format
  • not exceed 5MB in size
  • contain a header row


Email addresses are essential to all your uploads on the Social Card platform. We use emails to isolate and ensure data is unique. Every workspace Recipient profile requires a unique email address.

If you want to take advantage of our auto distribution system that will deliver your digital business cards to their recipients as they are created, we’ll need a contact email for every recipient. Without an email field, you will be responsible for delivering/sharing your cards with your recipients.

To ensure you meet the data requirements for automatic distribution, please provide a column of data titled email or emails containing the email associated with each generated card or recipient.

Size limits

To ensure the best operational experience, we limit the size of uploaded CSV files to 5MB. If you upload a file larger than 5MB, you will not be able to continue. Let us know if you need help with this limit.

Header rows

For the best experience, please ensure the CSV file has a top header row. A header row is the top row in the file that will tell our system how to label your data. It is also critical for things like automatic distribution.


To include images, they must be accessible by public URL or contain the proper credentials for our servers to fetch the picture as we generate the cards. Our systems will not store these URLs and will only use them to access the image as needed.

Ensure all images are stored and accessible in an online image storage service or internal website.

Resources to help get started:

Below are some tips, tricks, and resources to help you work with CSV files on Social Card.

Start with our example file:

A great place to start is downloading our example CSV file, which can serve as a starting point for you to populate the information of your team members or recipients.

You can edit the example file directly or use it as a reference.

Download the example file here.

How to make a CSV file:

We recommend using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create, edit, and save your file, but you can make changes/populate information in any way you’d like.

Once you create your spreadsheet, it must be exported as a CSV file (.csv extension). You can do this from right inside your spreadsheet editor. A quick Google search for “How to export a CSV from Excel” can help.

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