What is the Social Card Clusters tool?


  • The Clustering tool is only available to teams on the Business or Enterprise Plans.

In Social Card, we are thrilled to introduce Clusters and the Clustering Tool, designed to streamline and enhance your card management process. This article will walk you through the key features and benefits of Clusters, along with their relationship to batches, recipients, templates, cards, and card platforms. By utilizing Clusters, you can effectively organize and distribute your digital business cards seamlessly at scale.

Understanding Clusters:

Clusters are groups of batches (bulk cards) built around a specific relationship with a template. By creating Clusters, you can easily manage batches of cards in bulk and maintain consistency within your organization's branding and design. Each batch within a Cluster shares the selected initial template, simplifying card creation and customization.

  • A Cluster can have one template assignment.
  • A Cluster can have many batches, but a batch can only belong to one Cluster.
  • A Cluster batch can have many cards, but a card can only belong to one Cluster and batch.

Getting Started with Clusters:

To explore Clusters and utilize the Clustering Tool, navigate to the Clusters tab within the Social Card platform. You can easily create, manage, and customize batches of cards within specific Clusters, ensuring consistent branding and personalized information for your team members.

By harnessing the power of Clusters and the Clustering Tool, you can elevate your card management process, establish a cohesive branding experience, and simplify the creation and distribution of digital business cards. Discover the convenience and efficiency of Clusters today!

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