How to use color customization in Social Card?

Within the Social Card editors, there are many places where you can take advantage of custom colors for branding purposes. Designers using the editors will find the color picker easy to use and familiar, but those without a design background may struggle to figure things out. Below we'll go over the basics of using the color pickers found across the Social Card platform.

Social Card color picker for customization

  1. Color Previewer
    1. Shows the currently selected color and the associated RGB of that color.
    2. To open the color picker click on the preview.
  2. Finite Color Slider
    1. Make finite changes to the selected color by clicking and dragging your cursor inside the color box.
  3. Secondary Color Preview
    1. Displays the currently selected color
  4. Broad Color Slider
    1. Make broad changes to the selected color by sliding the indicator horizontally.
  5. Color Input Form
    1. Import your custom color by Hex, RGB, or HSL into the form.
    2. Copy and paste are supported along with ctrl+z for undoing.
  6. Color System Toggle
    1. Arrows toggle between the various color systems mentioned above.
    2. Click either arrow to navigate to your desired color system.
  7. Closing Color Picker
    1. To close the color picker, click anywhere else on the screen. 
    2. Your selected color should be seen in the preview.
    3. Remember to save your changes (Card editor only).
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