What is batch auto distribution?

Auto distribution lets us automatically distribute cards to your recipients as they are created during batch deployment.

Auto distribution is a part of our clusters toolset, and a Business or Enterprise Plan is required to access these features.

How it works

As our batching system processes each card in your batch, if the auto distribution flag is toggled on, we will send an email containing an access link for the card of each recipient. This email explains their card, why they are receiving it, and a private link to access the card you've created for them.
Once they've received the email, they can access their card using the provided link and work email address (or the email address used to create their card).
You don't need passwords or accounts for your recipients to interact with their cards. All we need is their email.

Why use auto distribution?

Auto distribution is best for teams creating cards in bulk or those looking for a hands-off automated approach.
Instead of handling each card individually, with a click, we'll take care of everything.

How to toggle auto distribution in a batch?

Batch auto-distribution is toggled on batch publish before we start the card creation process. As seen below, all it takes to activate batch auto distribution is turning the Auto Distribution toggle ON.

Batch publish page
Batch publish page

In the image above, when ON, batch cards will be created and distributed to recipients immediately. When OFF, distribution is left to your team using individual batch card distribution (explained below).

Individual batch card distribution

If you do not elect auto distribution for your new batch cards, we will not automatically share them with your team. To get your cards out, you'll need to distribute each one manually.

Batch card viewer & distribution button
Batch card viewer & distribution button

To distribute an individual batch card:

  1. Navigate to Clusters.
  2. Select your desired Cluster.
  3. Select the card batch.
  4. Select the card you'd like to distribute.
  5. If the card is ready for distribution (meaning it is published and without errors), click the Distribute Card button (as seen in the above image).
  6. In the top right, click Distribute Card.
  7. In the dialog modal, confirm the recipient email is accurate, and click Confirm & Send Card.

Tip: If the card has already been distributed previously, you will see details about the last distribution in the card status section of the page. If the recipient has accessed the card, you'll see that too.

When is auto distribution unavailable?

Sometimes, we may limit or turn off auto-distribution for a specific batch. In this case, it is likely because our data processing system could not locate a field in your uploaded data containing the recipient email addresses for use in the batch.

To support the auto distribution of your batch, we require each card to contain a valid email address. We look for columns in your data name, one of either emails or email (case insensitive).

If you believe auto distribution was turned off incorrectly, please get in touch with our support team for assistance.

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