Understanding Default Links vs. Fly Links

Default links are links that have pre-set values set within the template. These links are automatically populated on every card. These links are consistent references or destinations on all cards using the same template. Default links help provide universal contact information, social media profiles, or website links that should be included on every card.


  • Company website
  • Company phone number
  • Company social media
  • Product pages
  • Marketing Call to Action
  • Support email addresses
  • Sales phone numbers
  • Sign up links
  • Demo registration links

Fly links:

On the other hand, fly links are dynamic links populated on the fly during card creation using the recipient information of the specific card. Unlike default links, fly links do not have pre-set values and are generated based on the recipient's data. It is important to note that fly links are typically not used for company or product links, as these links often require consistent branding and messaging across all cards.


  • Team member's email addresses
  • Team member's phone numbers
  • Team member's social media accounts
  • Team member calendar links
  • Any other information that is specific to a singular team member

Partial links:

If you see your link item marked with a partial tag, you've provided some default information to the link item. You'll only likely see this when using the contact card link type, where you can provide defaults like company name and website. These contact cards also have on-the-fly content specific to each team member, with details like name and phone numbers.

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