What are Social Card team URLs?

Social Card team URLs are short URLs unique to your organization across the entire Social Card platform. These URLs support the web platform and all your team's custom web page digital business cards.

Example social card team URL

Setting your Social Card URL

Setting your team's URL is crucial to successful account setup, and we will require you to do so before proceeding to template customization. When you select your Social Card team URL, we recommend you keep it short, informative, and familiar. Friendly URLs are viewed as more clickable and will help your team in their networking efforts. NOTE: settings a team URL is only required when one or more template supports the web platform, but we recommend you set one anyway to reserve it for the future.

Using your Social Card URL

Once you've set your Social Card URL, we will automatically apply it to all team member web pages. Each web page within your organization will have a custom URL (for example,  socard.me/acme/your-name). When your team members create Social Cards that include a web page, we will walk them through the process of picking and validating a custom URL within your organization.

Changing your Social Card URL

It is possible to change your Social Card URL, but we do not recommend changing your Social Card URL once it has been previously set. Changing Social Card URLs in use by your team will immediately cause your URLs to break and immediately move all webpages to the new URL (breaking any previously shared links). Please get in touch with our team for more information on changing active URLs.

What is socard.me?

The socard.me domain is a short domain owned and operated by Social Card, and we use it to create short, friendly, and recognizable URLs for teams like yours. Short domains (branded domains) are used across the internet to offer viewers a digestible URL that is not hard on the eyes. Short domains can be seen in action on platforms like YouTube (youtu.be), Twitter (t.co), & Bitly (bit.ly).

Custom branded domains

In the not-so-distant future, we'll be allowing teams on the growth plan the ability to bring a branded domain from their business. If this interests your team, please feel free to reach out for more information.

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