What are Social Card Team URLs?

Social Card team URLs are crucial in establishing a unique online presence for your organization within the Social Card platform. These short URLs support your team's custom web page digital business cards, providing a seamless networking experience. This article explains the significance of Social Card Team URLs, guides you through setting them up, and sheds light on their usage and potential customization options.

Custom team url

Setting your Social Card Team URL

Setting your team's Social Card URL is vital in the account setup process. It is required before proceeding to template customization. You should choose a concise, informative, familiar URL to enhance clickability and support your team's networking efforts. While setting a team URL is only mandatory when using web platform-supported templates, we encourage you to select one regardless since it can be used in future cards.

Using your Social Card Team URL

Once your card URL is set, it will automatically apply to all team members' web pages. Each web page within your workspace will have a unique custom URL (e.g., socard.me/acme/your-name). Whenever you create cards with web pages, they will be guided through selecting and validating a custom URL specific to your organization. If you build cards using our batches feature, a card web page URL will be set automatically based on the recipient's email and URL availability.

Changing your Social Card Team URL

While changing your Social Card URL is technically possible, we strongly advise against it. Altering a previously set Social Card Team URL can lead to immediate breakage of your URLs and disrupt any previously shared links. Please get in touch with our team for further guidance and assistance if you have a compelling reason to change your active URLs.

What is socard.me?

The socard.me domain is a short domain owned and operated by Social Card. It is utilized to create friendly, recognizable URLs for teams like yours. Short domains, or branded domains, offer a visually appealing and user-friendly alternative to lengthy URLs. Examples of popular short domains include YouTube (youtu.be), Twitter (t.co), and Bitly (bit.ly).

Custom branded domains

In the near future, we are excited to introduce the option for teams on the growth plan to bring their own branded domain. This will allow your team to utilize a domain directly associated with your business. If you're interested in this, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Is your organization's name taken?

If you are curious about the availability of your organization's name for a Social Card URL, feel free to contact us for further assistance and confirmation. If you believe your copyright has been violated, please get in touch with our team for conflict resolution.

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