How to publish a template?

When you create a new template or change an existing one, the changes are saved as a draft to prevent overwriting changes on existing or new cards. To make your recent changes accessible on new or existing cards, you'll need to publish the template updates. Here is how you publish your template changes:

  1. Navigate to Templates.
  2. Select the template you'd like to publish.
  3. If publishing is available, you'll see a Publish Template button.
  4. Click Publish Template.
  5. A modal will appear with information on the current template status.
  6. Review the information, and click Publish. To start the template publish task.
  7. That's it! We'll publish your changes and take you back to your template. Your changes will now be accessible on all new cards.
  8. Want to update existing cards with these template changes? Sync Template
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