What is Template Sync?

Template sync is an automated process allowing you to push template style changes to active cards in your workspace. This tool can be used for branding changes, marketing shifts, or special events. When triggered, we'll take the current published state of your template and apply the styling changes to all active cards assigned to it. Depending on the number of cards in your workspace, this process may take a few minutes to propagate all the changes.

What template changes can be synced?

When performing a template sync, you can synchronize certain aspects of the template to update your active cards. The sync process primarily focuses on two key areas: styles and media.


The sync enables you to propagate changes in colors, shapes, and shadows from the updated template to all active cards across all template platforms. By syncing, you ensure that the visual styles applied to your templates, such as the color scheme, shapes used for various elements, and shadow effects, are consistent across all associated cards. This allows you to maintain a cohesive and unified visual identity throughout your card collection.


Another essential element that can be synced is the media content within the template. This includes the logos and cover photos associated with your brand or organization. Any modifications to the logos or cover photos in the updated template will be applied to all active cards by initiating a sync. This ensures that the most current media assets are displayed consistently across your digital business cards, helping to reinforce your brand identity and provide a professional impression to recipients.

By syncing template changes related to styles and media, you can effectively refresh the appearance of your active cards, keeping them visually appealing and aligned with your desired branding.

When can template sync be used?

Template sync will appear on the template home page when the following conditions are met in any order:

  • The template has been published.
  • The template has no pending draft changes.
  • The template has one or more assigned active cards.

How to start a template card sync?

To begin a template card sync, please ensure the above conditions have been met.

  1. Navigate to your workspace Templates.
  2. Select the template you would like to sync.
  3. You'll see action buttons in the top-right below the template name.
  4. Click the Sync Cards button.
    1. If you do not see the Sync Cards button, your template does not meet all the conditions required to start a card sync, as seen above.
  5. As seen in the image below, a modal will open and trigger confirmation for your template sync.
  6. Please review the number of cards being synced and the last published date to ensure everything is as expected.
  7. Before starting sync, please confirm that you understand the active card will be permanently modified.
  8. Then click the Sync Changes button.
Card template sync confirmation modal
Card template sync confirmation modal

How does template sync work?

When you make changes to a template and publish them, the updates are not automatically applied to active cards. To update the appearance of your active template cards, we need to sync them with the new template branding. By initiating a sync, you would like all cards to be updated with the latest template designs and media.

Note: The sync process will only modify card styles, such as colors, shapes, and shadows, as well as global media, like logos and cover photos. It will not alter any card content or links. Syncing ensures that your cards reflect the most current visual aspects of the template, providing a consistent and up-to-date representation of your brand.

When the syncing process starts, we'll temporarily lock your template from editing to maintain the state of changes (Why do we lock templates during template sync?). We'll then grab the last published version of the selected template, pull all the active template cards, and begin syncing the style changes with all cards.

When a card has been successfully updated, we'll save the card changes as a draft and immediately start a card publish operation on the card. This event pushes the styling changes out to all active card platforms and devices on which the card is active. This process is repeated for each card assigned to the template.

Changes will immediately be reflected across every web and wallet platform device. These changes may take some time to load across devices, but they will do so automatically. If you do not see changes, you may need to refresh the page (web pages only) or open a new browser window. For wallet cards, our system will automatically notify all devices registered to receive pass change notifications (this happens in the background, and you or your team needs no action).

For the QR platform, changes will not automatically propagate to previously downloaded images, as we cannot modify these on your devices. You must re-download any QR assets to apply the new branding and media.

For the email signature platform, changes will not automatically propagate to your team members' email clients. They must re-copy and paste the updated signature into their email client settings.

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