How to publish a Social Card?

When you create a new Social Card or make changes to an existing one, for the changes to go live (be visible to others), you need to publish your Social Card. Here is how you publish changes:

Card publish platform selection
Card publish platform selection
  1. Navigate to Cards.
  2. Select the card you'd like to publish.
  3. If the card is ready for publishing (has active changes and does not have active errors), click the Publish Card button.
  4. Select the modified platforms you would like to publish. At least one must be selected.
    1. If we've identified any errors, you'll see descriptions of them and an option to edit the platform. You'll need to address these before publishing that platform.
  5. Now click the Publish Card Platforms button.
  6. The card changes will be pushed out to all platforms and devices.
  7. That's it! We'll start the publishing task and redirect you when it is complete.
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