What is a Social Card?

A Social Card is our interpretation of the digital business card. Digital business cards can come in many forms or fashions. Our goal here at Social Card is to provide one platform for you to build digital business cards across all the platforms you and your team do business.

A Social Card is a concept, not a feature, item, or defined idea. Each Social Card represents a new take on how business & networking interactions take place. As society shifts to new online standards, we believe the business card should follow suit.

Smartphones, the internet of things, and media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter have revolutionized the way companies interact with current and potential customers. Even with all the innovation, one thing has stayed the same — the business card. If you’ve ever received a business card and immediately misplaced it, you aren’t alone. An estimated 88% of business cards are lost or thrown out within a week. That is why we’ve developed a best-in-class digital business card platform built for the modern team.

Much like your traditional business card, Social Cards share all your essential information like name, role, & organization. The critical difference lies in taking things beyond just the basics. Social Cards support sharing any piece of digital information you can imagine, from contact cards & websites to calendars & blog posts. Your Social Cards are a digital representation of you, your business, or anything you wish.

We built the Social Card platform to support you and your team in the process of creating a wide variety of digital business cards to help you recycle your paper business cards for good. So hop onto the platform and start exploring all the ways you can modernize your business card.

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