What are simple templates?

Simple templates offer a friendly approach to customizing digital business card templates, ideal for users without a design background or those seeking a streamlined setup process. By leveraging our perfected multi-platform setup, simple templates simplify the customization process, abstracting intricate design changes and enabling you to get started with your brand's digital networking quickly.

Easy Customization Process:

You can swiftly create a magnificent digital business card template tailored to your brand with simple templates. The process involves answering a few questions and providing essential brand information. Together, we'll build a template that captures the essence of your brand, ready to jumpstart your digital networking efforts.

Streamlined Setup:

Simple templates eliminate the complexities typically associated with customization, allowing you to focus on solving your business problems rather than getting caught up in intricate design details. By streamlining the setup process, simple templates empower you to quickly configure your implementation and get your digital business cards up and running efficiently.

Simplified Customization:

Our best-in-class template editor offers a high level of customization, providing extensive flexibility for those familiar with design software and vocabulary. However, simple templates provide an intuitive and straightforward alternative for users needing help with the customization process. They eliminate the need for extensive decision-making regarding content and design choices, letting you create impactful cards that effectively represent your brand more accessibly.

Ideal for First-Time Users:

We highly recommend simple templates for first-time users or individuals without a design background. These templates provide a user-friendly experience, allowing you to effortlessly create professional digital business cards without the need for advanced design skills.


Simple templates offer a simplified and accessible approach to customizing digital business card templates. By removing design complexities and focusing on essential brand information, these templates enable users without a design background to create stunning digital business cards. Whether you're a first-time user or prefer a streamlined setup process, simple templates empower you to effortlessly establish your brand's digital networking presence and connect with others effectively.

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