What are Templates?

In short, Templates represent the starting point for a Social Card. Every Social Card you or your team makes starts from a Template.

In more detail, Social Card templates represent an object used by the platform to guide & control the Social Card creation process for your team. When a team member uses a selected template, all the platforms, settings, restrictions, and default content/media are carried over to the structure of their new Social Card. This gives them a great place to start, as well as releasing some of the burdens of adding generic business information and branding.

Beta Program

In the Beta Program, template control is limited to styles and media, but we have plans to continue expanding the Template Engine until you have ultimate control over every aspect.

Why use Templates?

Templates allow decision-makers to take fine-grained control over the way your team(s) use Social Card. An emphasis on brand integration is crucial to the success of any business, and we know how important it is to you. With templates, you set the foundation for all your Social Cards.

Brand Integration

Seamlessly, combine the power of your brand with the Social Card platform to build continuity across your team's networking efforts. Templates are the root of your brand integration within Social Card.


It's your brand, why should we restrict how you display it! With templates, you are in control of how your Social Cards look. Customize colors, shapes, shadow, media, and content with more customizations coming soon.


Define controls and requirements for how your teams use their Social Cards. Control the entire process, or let your team generate Social Cards unique to them.

Varying Use Cases

There is no limit to the way in which you implement Templates within your account. Create a generic template for your entire team, or create department-specific templates geared towards a specific use case like sales, engineering, leadership, or marketing. Heck, you can even create a branded template for the holiday season!

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