What are Recipients?

Recipients are profiles within your workspace that represent the general contact information of your team members. Recipients make it easy to create, manage, and update cards on the fly with just a few clicks. Recipients can be updated and have information changes synced to their cards anytime.

Also known as Employees or Team Members, we call them recipients because they are the people in your organization receiving cards.

Why use Recipient profiles?

The main goal of recipients is to make it easy to manage your team's contact information across all their cards from one simple-to-use place. Recipient profiles can be used to populate the information that makes up your team's digital business cards. When your team member has information changes like a new promotion, title, phone number, etc., updating this information across their digital business cards is now easier.

How do you create Recipient profiles?

Adding recipients to your workspace is as easy as filling in a form or uploading a CSV! Here's how to add recipients to your workspace.

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