Troubleshooting Template Sync Problems

This document addresses the most common causes and solutions to issues that might occur during the template sync process. Whether you're experiencing issues with template updates not reflecting correctly, synchronization errors, or any other challenges, this guide is here to help. By understanding these common pitfalls and how to resolve them before or after they occur, you can ensure a smooth and effective template sync process, keeping your team's digital presence sharp and consistent.

Template content updates not reflected on active cards

This issue occurs when you trigger a template sync operation but do not see some (or all) changes reflected on your cards or a subset of your cards. Below, we'll address some simple and more complex items or issues causing this problem.

Card or card(s) not assigned to the synced (modified) template

Cause: If your card is not assigned to the template you've modified, it will never be updated, and you will not see any changes to your cards.

Solution: Ensure the cards you'd like are updated or assigned to the template you have modified and synced. You can quickly check this by selecting your card(s) > Card State > Card Template and ensuring the template you modify and sync matches the one assigned to your cards.

Template sync will skip changes to the active card(s) that will cause them to break (stop working)

Cause: In specific scenarios, when you make significant changes to your templates (typically content-related, like changing a QR from a contact type to a website type), we put certain safeguards in place to prevent you from accidentally (or unknowingly) making breaking changes to your cards (things like changing the QR code destination without providing a default value). If you changed the QR type (for example) but did not provide a default value, our sync system may have ignored the change so as not to break your active business card(s).

Solution: Ideally, you can address this during the template review before publishing and syncing your card(s). If you haven't attempted a sync yet, we recommend you review all your card links to ensure that any content types modified on the template have a default link destination provided.

To solve this, we recommend identifying the pieces of skipped content and either revert your template changes to the previous content type or add a default value to the changed link. Note: Adding a default value will override existing content on all template cards for the modified link.

If you want to force ALL changes to be applied to your cards, regardless of whether they may break things, you can activate the Force template content changes option during the template sync process.

My cards now have errors after the template sync

Cause: The majority of these occur because the Force template content changes option was selected during the template sync process. This option ignores our built-in safeguards and forces any changes you made onto all active template cards. This can cause links to break on active cards. When the card sync occurs, the cards may fail to publish, leaving errors.

Solution: To address these errors, you'll need to identify the items (links) that have errors, update their content (with your team member's information), and re-publish the card. Unfortunately, you'll need to repeat this process for all cards with errors.

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