What are digital business cards?

Simply put, a digital business card is the digital version of your paper business card powered by modern technology, devices, and platforms.

With the ever-expanding role of technology in business, the need for digital networking tools, enhanced interactions, and information sharing has become necessary for success.

Before & After Digital Business Cards

These days, few folks still do business without a smartphone or internet-connected device (There are people whose entire company operates on their phone). 

The goal of digital business cards is to merge the traditions of the business card with the tools and platforms that dominate modern business (and the places your clients work). This modernization was made possible by drastic technological improvements, peer-to-peer interaction, and global initiatives to modernize businesses (think green).

Digital business cards (DBC) came into form in 2021 and will continue their growth. As more businesses transition into the digital age, the need for new mediums will expand with digital business cards along for the ride.

Here to stay is the eye-to-eye interaction that makes the business card such a unique tool. The introduction of digital business cards doesn't seek to replace that. With digital business cards, you focus less on the information and more on the people you meet.

The value of digital business cards lies in their modern approach, digital presence, and reduced environmental impact. These attributes make them an excellent asset for small, expanding, and modernizing businesses around the globe.

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