Not seeing updates to my Social Card?

Sometimes, when you make changes to your Apple Wallet Social Cards, the changes may not automatically appear inside your Apple Wallet. To resolve this conflict, follow the short steps below to update your Social Card inside the Wallet app manually.

Automatic Refresh

Whenever you successfully make changes to your Social Card, we notify all devices registered to your Social Card that we have changes to share. Your devices will request the new information, and your Social Card will update accordingly. After a few minutes, if you do not see your changes, you can follow the steps below to update your Social Card manually.

Pull to refresh

Open the Wallet app on your phone, navigate to the Social Card you updated, click the three dots in the top right to view the back, & do a simple drag down to refresh. You will see the information update and a last updated timestamp change.

Removing pass

If the above doesn’t seem to work, you can remove the pass from your Apple Wallet by clicking the remove pass button on the back of your Social Card and re-add it to your wallet from within the Social Card app.

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