Setting card recipient emails

Setting a card recipient email is a crucial step in ensuring that your digital business cards reach the hands of the right team members. By assigning a recipient email to a card, you enable seamless distribution and targeted delivery of your team's new business cards across all the platforms and devices they network on.

What are recipient emails?

Recipient emails identify who on your team a card belongs to. This is not the person who created the card. We use recipient emails to help you seamlessly share cards and card platforms with your team. We'll never use recipient emails for anything other than card distribution, and distribution does not occur unless prompted by a workspace admin.

How are card recipient emails set?

Card recipient emails are set in a few ways:

  1. Individual cards: For individual cards, we ask the card creator to provide the email address of the team member the card is for; we then permanently apply that to the card when it is added to the workspace.
  2. Recipient profiles: If your card is created using a recipient profile, we'll pull the card recipient's email right from the recipient's profile.
  3. Batch Cards: Cards created in batches have the card recipient email pulled automatically from the batch data source. If the data source is a CSV, our system automatically identifies the email field and assigns emails from there. If your batch is built using recipient profiles, we'll grab the email right from their profile.

Please note: once a card recipient email is assigned, it cannot be changed directly within the platform. If you happen to have an urgent need to modify the recipient email or require further assistance, please reach out to our dedicated support team.

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