Card Distribution

Card distribution is the process of delivering digital business cards from your workspace to your team. When creating a card, we require you to provide a recipient email or select a recipient profile. We utilize this email address to ensure that each card reaches the intended recipient seamlessly. By capturing the recipient's email, we make it effortless for you to deliver the cards directly to the right hands. Below are detailed steps on how to distribute cards to your team. Using our Batch card feature? Read our guide on batch auto distribution.

✨ Card distribution is only available on published cards with no active errors.

How to access card distribution?

To open the card distribution page and access card distribution, please follow the steps below:

Individual Cards:

  1. Go to the Cards tab.
  2. Select the card you want to distribute or click the dropdown on the right side of the selected card row.
  3. Tip: You can search for cards using the recipient's email address. Click the magnifying glass at the top of the card table.
  4. Click the Distribute Card button in the card view or the Distribute button from the dropdown.
  5. Note: If you don't see the distribution options, the card may not be published or may contain errors that prevent distribution. You'll need to resolve any issues before distributing the card.
  6. If card distribution is available, you'll be directed to a page displaying share options ordered by card platforms, as seen below.
Card distribution page
Card distribution page

Batch Cards:

  1. Navigate to the Clusters tab.
  2. Select the cluster the card belongs to.
  3. Select the batch the card belongs to.
  4. Within the batch, find the batch card you'd like to distribute.
  5. Select the card you'd like to distribute or click the dropdown on the right side of the card row.
  6. Click the Distribute Card buttons in the card view or Distribute button from the dropdown.
  7. Note: If you do not see the distribution options, the card is likely not published or contains errors preventing distribution. You'll need to resolve those before we distribute your card.
  8. If card distribution is available, we'll open a page containing all the share options ordered by the card platforms (as seen in the image above).

Sharing Card Access

Sharing card access with recipients gives them private access to their assigned digital business cards. We'll send a link to their inbox, which they'll use to view their card from the web via a page similar to the one you see in your workspace.

Team members can refer to this email anytime they want to access their card or any platform. This access only allows them to view and download card platforms and does not currently allow making content changes.

Card access banner in card the card distribution page.
Card access banner in card the card distribution page.

Below are the steps to grant card access:

  1. Follow the steps above to access the card distribution page.
  2. At the top of the distribution page, you'll see a banner that says Distribute All Card Platforms.
  3. Click the button that says, Distribute Card.
  4. In the dialog modal, confirm the recipient email is accurate.
  5. If everything looks good, click Confirm & Send Card.
  6. That's it! We'll send an email to your card recipient. We recommend you ping them and let them know to keep an eye out.

Are recipients not receiving card emails?

If your team members are not receiving card distribution or access emails, there could be a few potential reasons. Here are some common causes and troubleshooting steps to try:

  1. Check spam or junk folders: Ask your team members to check their spam or junk folders in their email clients. Sometimes, card emails can end up there due to email filters or settings.
  2. Verify email addresses: Ensure that the email addresses of your team members are correct and up to date. Mistyped or outdated email addresses can prevent card emails from reaching the intended recipients.
  3. Whitelist Social Card domain: If your organization has email filters or security settings in place, make sure to whitelist the domain used by Social Card (e.g., ""). This will help prevent the card emails from being blocked or flagged as spam.
  4. Contact our support team: If the issue persists or you have exhausted the troubleshooting steps above, please get in touch with our support team using the on-screen widget (or at Our dedicated team will gladly assist you and further investigate the issue.

Following these steps, you can address some of the most common reasons team members do not receive card distribution emails.

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