QR code customization controls

Below is a detailed explanation of all the customization options your team can use when branding your Social Card QR code templates and cards.

QR Code Customization Fields

  1. Background Color [FULL]
    1. Customize the background color with Hex, RGB, or HSL colors. How to use color customization?
  2. QR Code [NONE]
    1. Although not a brandable asset, your QR codes can point to any content you could imagine.
    2. Learn more about our 100+ supported content types.
  3. Logo [FULL]
    1. Custom images are supported and rendered at a 3:2 aspect ratio (300px X 200px recommended).
    2. PNG, JPEG, JPG, & WebP file types are supported.
    3. Image cropper available for resizing assets within the editors.
    4. The logo photo is optional.


[FULL] - The item supports full customization.

[PARTIAL] - The item supports partial customization with some limitations.

[NONE] - The item does not currently support any customizations.

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