What are Batches?

Batches in Social Card are groups of cards organized together for efficient management and distribution. They provide a convenient way to handle multiple cards simultaneously (in bulk), whether you're creating them or performing actions like distribution.

In essence, a batch consists of a collection of individual cards that share common characteristics or are associated with a specific purpose or event. You can think of a batch as a container or group that helps you organize and manage cards efficiently.

✨ Batches belong to Clusters, and each Batch in a Cluster uses the same template. Batches do not use the same data and do not require matching data sources. The only relationship batches have with each other are their Cluster & Template.

Batches offer several benefits, including streamlined workflows and the ability to simultaneously perform bulk actions on a set of cards. For example, you can create a batch for a specific department within your organization or attendees of a particular conference. This allows you to customize and distribute cards to specific groups efficiently.

By leveraging batches, you can save time and effort by simultaneously performing actions on multiple cards, such as updating card information, applying template changes, or distributing cards to recipients. This centralized approach enhances productivity and ensures consistency across related cards.

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