Getting Started

Follow just a few simple steps and you'll get your team's Social Card account up and running in no time.

As the owner of your team's account, you have the honor of getting things all set up so your team has a great and seamless experience. Below we'll help walk you through steps to take and things to look out for while getting your account ready. By the end of this guide, you'll have invited your team and be ready to create a Social Card of your own.

Step 0: Creating your account & selecting your plan

First things first, If you haven't done so already, follow this link to get your team account created Create Account. You'll definitely need an account to take part in the next steps! If you've already created your Social Card account, great work we can move on! If you would like to see more information on plans and pricing, view our pricing page here.

Step 1: Reserving a team Social Card URL

Social Card URLs are the backbone of the web platform and will serve as the base URL for all of your teams. Reserving a team URL is crucial to the setup process, regardless of your team's intent to use the web platform feature. 

Custom domains coming soon!

In the near future, we'll be adding a custom domains add-on to the platform. Giving you the opportunity to bring your own branded domain!

  • Keep your URL as short as possible. Use something such as an acronym.
  • Select something familiar to your brand. Branded/familiar URLs are more clickable to viewers.
  • Avoid making changes to your Social Card URL. This is a potentially breaking action and can cause team web pages to become unreachable.

Step 3: Customize your default Template, or create a new one

Templates are exactly what they sound like. A template (starting point) for your team to make branded & customized digital business cards. Add your brand colors, media, and default content. Your team members will then use this template as a baseline for building their Social Cards.

  • Rename your Template if you'd like. Your team will use this name to pick their template.
  • Pick the Template platforms. Define the platforms you want to be included in this template (web, apple, email, QR)
  • Add your organization's colors and media. Your brand is important to the way you do business
  • Add default content to your template. Feel free to help your team out, by adding default information they can use.
  • Publish your template. Publishing your template makes it available to your team for creating new Social Cards.

Step 4: Invite your team

Now that you've reserved your team URL, created one or more custom templates, & maybe a few departments, you are ready to bring your team on board. Send invitations to your team members.

But wait ... there’s more!

Once you’ve got these steps under control, there’s plenty more to explore in Social Card. Take a moment to enjoy your work, by creating your first Social Card!

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