Getting Started

Follow a few simple steps, and get your team's Social Card account up and running in no time.

As the owner of your team's account, you have the honor of getting everything set up, so your team has a great and seamless experience. Below we'll go over the steps to take and things to look out for while getting your account ready. By the end of this guide, you'll have invited your team and be prepared to create a Social Card of your own.

Step 0: Create your account.

If you haven't done so already, please follow this link to get your team account created (Create Account). You'll need an account to take part in the following steps! If you've already made your Social Card account, great work. We can move on! If you'd like to see more information on plans and pricing, you can view our pricing page.

Step 1: Invite your team.

Now that you've created your account, you are ready to bring your team on board. Send invitations to your team members. Collaboration is a big part of modern business, and stakeholders for projects like this can require input from different arms of your team. No problem, Social Card supports inviting all your stakeholders to take part in the design, creation, and distribution of your new digital business cards. Make sure to nominate someone to be in charge of recycling the team's old paper cards! 

P.S. If you're a lone wolf on this project, we commend you for your effort, and our business card magicians are happy to help anytime you need it! Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or funny jokes.

Step 2: Customize your default Template, or create a new one.

Templates are what they sound like, a template (starting point) for your team to make branded & customized digital business cards. Add your brand colors, media, and default content. You'll use them as a baseline for all cards created in your account.

  • Rename your template if you'd like. Unique purpose-driven template naming avoids confusion (i.e., Convention 2022).
  • Pick the Template platforms. Define the platforms you want included in this template (web, apple, email, QR).
  • Add your organization's colors and media. Your brand is essential to the way you do business.
  • Add default content to your template. Feel free to help your team by adding default information (company website, socials, sales decks, etc.).
  • Are you using the web platform? Before you can publish your template, your account needs a team URL. Learn more about team URLs and how to use your account URL.
  • Publish your template. Publishing your template makes it available to your team for creating new cards.
  • Would you like more info? What are templates?

Step 3: Create your first card(s).

Now the fun part. So far, we've set up your account, invited a few team members, and customized and published our first template.

With your template ready, creating your first card is easy. Create a new Social Card now or click the New Social Card button any time.

Following the on-screen prompts, you'll tackle to following:

  • Naming your card, we suggest using a full name or email address as they are commonly unique.
  • Now select the template you just published above.
  • Select the platforms you'd like to include with this card. (we require at least one)
  • Now use our best-in-class editor to add the information unique to yourself or the end user. Make sure to save your progress along the way!
  • When you are done customizing, it's time to publish your card. Publishing your card will make it live and ready for networking!
  • Now, repeat the process for a team member or have them give it a go on their own!

But wait...there's more!

We are deep into the Social Card public beta and are rapidly adding features that help you and your team take full advantage of the power behind digital networking. In those efforts, we have some exciting new features on the horizon for you to look out for! 
To name just a few:
  • Social Card Cluster engine: A powerful tool to help teams create batches of digital business cards on the fly right from a CSV file or form.
  • Google Wallet Support: We'll be adding a partner to our industry-leading Apple Wallet integration. Soon our friends on Android can take advantage of digital networking right from their mobile wallets!
  • Integrations: We plan to add integrations with the industry's top people management and directory tools and explore integrations with CRM and sales tools.
  • Analytics Views: You'll soon be able to tell the whole story of your team's digital networking with easy-to-understand analytics.

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